KTC - Almond Oil - 200ml

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Almond oil has become one of the most popular oils as more and more number of people have become aware of its many uses and benefits. Its popularity might have increased in the beauty industry in recent times, but you can easily find this oil and its benefits mentioned in the history of various civilizations. Benefits: 1. Makes Skin Healthier: 2. Reduces Dark Under Eye Circles: 3. Delays Signs of Ageing: 4. Removes Impurities and Dead Skin Cells: 5. Good Solution for Psoriasis & Eczema: 6. Makes Hair Long & Healthy: 7. Works on Splits Ends & Heavy Hair Fall: 8. Good Substitute for Shine Enhancers & Leave-In Conditioners: 9. Leaves Hair Shiny & Soft: 10. Treats Dandruff: 11. Treats Chapped Lips: 12. Makes Nails Healthy & Strong: 13. Great Substitute for Hand & Foot Creams: 14. Promotes Eyelash Growth: 15.Ideal Makeup Remover: 16. Prevents Heart Ailments: 17. Regulates Blood Pressure & Maintains Blood Cholesterol Levels: 18. Boosts Immunity, Effective Laxative & Aids Digestion: 19. Boost Memory & Strengthens Nervous System: 20. Enhances Blood Circulation & Helps in Child's Healthy Bone Development: 21. Relieves Pain & Stress in Muscles:

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